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UK Tax Return Fee Guide

Individuals, Sole Traders and Business Owners

Tax pricing guide for individuals, sole traders and business owners:

Fee bands
Earned less than the personal allowance for the tax year from one employer

£75 +

Director of own limited company

£75 +

Received bank interest on savings

£75 +

Earned more than the personal allowance for the tax year

£150 +

Have employment benefits or expenses to claim

£150 +

Partner in a partnership

£150 +

Had more than one employer

£210 +

Member of a LLP

£210 +
Self employed and not VAT registered

£210 +

Landlord with property income

£295 +
UK dividends and/or other investment income

£295 +

Self employed and VAT registered

£295 +
CIS subcontractor

£350 +
Foreign income 

£350 +
Residence and remittance basis
£400 +

Capital gains or losses

£400 +

Corporation and business tax services and complex tax affairs are priced separately.

Due to the high volume of work we have in December and January, we charge some additional fees to those listed above:

  • December: additional £50.
  • Early January (on or before 15th January): additional £75.
  • Late January (after 15th January): additional £90.

Additional Services:

  • Bound copy of your return: Sent by registered mail to a UK address (£35) or to a non-UK address (£50).
  • Pay your fees out of tax rebate: If we take our fees from your tax refund we charge an additional £150 now £100.
  • Appealing a penalty starts at £25


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