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Company Formation Privacy

How to keep your home address private

What addresses are recorded by Companies House when you register a company?
When forming a private limited company in the UK you are required to provide personal information for the directors of the company and declare the registered address of the business.

Some of this information is held securely on Companies House records and only accessible by official government departments and authorised organisations.

However other details are readily available to the general public and can be accessed by simply searching for the name of your company.

Types of addresses


  • On the Public Register
  • Used By HMRC and Companies House
  • Widely available on the internet
  • Free to access


  • On the Public Register
  • Address found at Companies House
  • Available to Public
  • Not recommended using your home address


  • Held on a Private Register
  • Not Available to Public
  • Used by Banks and Credit Agencies
  • Different to the Service Address

Should you use a home address as the registered office?

Directors of new UK companies often choose to use their home address as the registered office of the company as this keeps the start-up costs low which is important for a new business.

It is important to remember the registered office is used as a correspondence address for official government organisations and is freely available for the general public to view. If you choose to use your home address as the registered office address then these details will be available to the general public on Companies House website. In addition a basic internet search for your company will then show your home address in the search results.

If you would like to keep your home address private and out of the public domain you may wish to use our registered office address service. This allows your company to use an address on the public register which keeps your home address private and any official government notifications will be forward to your personal address which will be stored on private records.

Directors Address Details?

It is also possible to access the address details of officers appointed in the company by performing a director’s search. Due to changes implemented in the 2006 Companies Act it is now possible for a company director to display a ‘service address’ on the public register rather than their home address. This allows the director to provide an alternative address such as business trading location or virtual office to be displayed to the general public.

You are still legally required to provide your home address to Companies House but this information will be held on their private records and will not be available to the general public. You may also wish to use  a Directors service address, this allows you to display this addresses on the public data base to keep your details private. Further information can be found on our Companies Secretarial and Administration page.

What's New?

New laws to protect your home address at Companies House
Effective Date: 26 April 2018
A change to data suppression laws will retrospectively help you remove your home address from publicly available company documents.

The Companies (Disclosure of Address) (Amendment) Regulations 2018 made it easier to remove your home address from the company register. This applies to company directors and others such as secretaries, people with significant control (PSC) and LLP members, whose home address is publicly available on company documents.

To remove your home address, you can apply at a cost of £55 for each document you want to suppress.

You must provide an alternative correspondence address if you’re still appointed to a live company, such as a current director. This will replace your home address on the public register.

If you’re no longer appointed to a company, you do not need to provide an alternative address. Instead, only the first half of your postcode will be available to the public.

You cannot use this process to remove a home address if you’ve used it as a company’s registered office.

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